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February 25 Understanding Communication Styles

One way to increase effectiveness in the workplace is to understand basic communication style differences, and identify how you can modify your own style preferences to achieve results. Using a self-assessment tool sent prior to this interactive workshop, you will identify your style preference and communication strengths and challenges, and practice specific approaches for everyday workplace conversations, negotiations, and situations where your ability to stay objective and preserve or foster the work relationship is critical.

This class is eligible for a BeWell Berry; visit the BeWell program site for more details.

Location: Poplar Modular, Training Room, 215 Panama Street, Bldg C.

Enroll in course TOD-3600 through STARS.
March 31 Managing Within the Law (Managers Only)

Managing Within the Law is an essential component of every manager's training curriculum. It teaches managers to spot legal issues and partner with their internal experts to avoid lawsuits and create a respectful workplace for all.

This course, led by seasoned attorneys and facilitators, will cover common challenges managers face in effectively managing within the law and is a recommended supplemental course to Manager Academy.

Location: 3160 Porter Drive, Pacific Ocean Room 108 (First Floor)

Enroll in course TOD-1200 using STARS.

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Employee & Labor Relations (E&LR) is a resource to university staff on work-related matters and meets with representatives of local bargaining units on contract issues. This includes providing assistance in the interpretation and application of university policies and collective bargaining agreements.

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